Customizable stools and chairs

All the chairs and stools in the catalogue are fully customizable in every detail and component. In fact, our production is not limited to the products of the shop but can potentially be extended through all possible customizations. We can make tailor-made chairs and stools based on your business and professional needs by combining components, materials, colours and finishes.

Do you want an example?

Do you like the Adjustable work stool with seat and backrest in polyurethane but would you prefer it with rubber wheels instead of feet, perhaps with a different lifting mechanism and without a footrest? No problem! In our laboratory we can make your stool or chair exactly as you need or as you like, changing the seats, the wheels, the lifting and locking mechanisms, for specific functional and use needs.

If you see a stool that you like, but would like the seat of another stool, almost all the models are interchangeable with each other and it is generally possible to get the customized stool exactly as you want it.

You can make the structure and model of your chair or stool unique because our production is handcrafted in our laboratory and we sell what we produce. With customization you can easily adapt our products to your functional and aesthetic needs.

Quality bespoke stools and chairs

All of our production is made only with high quality materials to offer a wide range of products, designed not only to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to be able to guarantee comfort, sturdiness, resistance and durability.

The steel used for the components of our chairs and stools is AISI 304 stainless steel, while the wooden components are made of beech wood for its characteristics of resistance and solidity.

Each product is tested to be able to perform its function and withstand wear and intensive use, following European standards of resistance and durability.

Browse our entire online catalogue and select the items you like. The various components and indicate in detail all your requests and needs through a contact request or by telephone, we will evaluate the real feasibility of your project and then propose an interesting offer, all at an unbeatable factory price.

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